Greyhound Advocacy

The Committee to Protect Dogs

Graphics created for the political campaign formed to phase out dog racing in Florida by 2020 with the passage of Amendment 13. This constitutional amendment appeared on the 2018 ballot and passed with a resounding 69% of the vote.

The Campaign Flyer

Hundreds of thousands of these flyers reached voters across Florida, educating people about the cruelty of dog racing.

The Greyhound Friendship Bus

Designed with a Floridian theme and featuring one of my photographs, this bus toured the Sunshine State to spread the word about Amendment 13.


End Dog Racing Worldwide

These social graphics promote awareness of an industry that is cruel to dogs and provide messaging to reinforce the urgent need to take action. They have proved incredibly effective in reaching new people.

Email Marketing Layout & Design

Mobile friendly action alerts help onboard new advocates and continue to engage people already actively supporting the mission to end dog racing. These emails generate increased funds each year to strengthen and expand campaigns.

Video Editing

The below campaign videos aim to inspire an understanding of the reality of racing greyhounds. As a result, they have reached new viewers and helped raise crucial funds to save dogs.



The goal of these printed materials is to increase awareness about dog racing by reaching new advocates and encourage existing supporters to contribute to current campaigns.

Brochure |  View as PDF

Brochure | View as PDF

Fundraising letter |  View as PDF

Fundraising letter | View as PDF

Fundraising letter |  View as PDF

Fundraising letter | View as PDF

Full page ad |  View as PDF

Full page ad | View as PDF

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